1. Porto
  2. Rua Monsenhor Fonseca Soares

Twin Standard Studio (Students only)

Rua Monsenhor Fonseca Soares, Porto, Portugal

Free from01/02/2025


*Esta é uma residência de estudantes e o anúncio representa uma categoria de Estúdio. Poderá haver ligeiras alterações em relação às fotografias apresentadas. **O preço é para uma pessoa. ***O preço tem variação de acordo com o período da estadia. ****A disponibilidade está sujeita a verificação. Todos os nossos quartos estão equipados com casa de banho privada e cozinha completa ou kitchenette. TWIN STANDARD Estúdios exteriores com 17 m² e com cozinha, equipados com duas camas, duas zonas de estudo com secretária e cadeiras, dois armários e uma zona de comer com uma mesa e dois bancos, situados desde o primeiro andar ao sétimo andar. Acesso à cozinha comum completamente equipada. # Twins serão partilhados com outro residente. A equipa da residência atribuirá os colegas de quarto conforme necessário, por genero. A limpeza do estúdio não está incluída nas tarifas, mas pode ser incluída com um custo adicional. Suplemento Limpeza Semanal: 54€ * Preço por pessoa em studio duplo. Os dois ocupantes precisam contratar o serviço - Preços por pessoa e por mês (30 dias) - O preço inclui água, eletricidade, internet, bem como o uso e fruição de todas as instalações - IVA incluído - Taxa de reserva: 250€ (não reembolsável) - Até 30 dias antes do início do contrato, o pagamento deve ser efectuado: Caução (1000€ devolvidos no final da estadia após verificação da inexistência de danos ou pagamentos pendentes. Aluguer do primeiro mês, e dias extra, se o check-in for antes do 1º dia do mês. -- *This is a student residence and the listing represents a category of Studio. There may be slight changes in comparison to the presented pictures. **The price is for one person. ***There is a price variation according to the period of stay. ****Availability is subject to verification. All of our rooms are fully equipped with private bathroom ensuite and a fully fitted kitchen or kitchenette. TWIN STANDARD Outward-facing studios comprising 17 sqm with kitchenette, featuring two beds, two study areas with desk and chairs, two wardrobes and a dining area with a table and two stools, located from the first floor to the seventh floor. Access to a common kitchen fully equipped. # Twins will be shared with another resident. The residence team will assign the roommates as needed by gender. The studio cleaning is not included in the rates, it can be included with an extra cost. Weekly Cleaning Supplement: 54€ * Price per person in a double room. The two occupants will have to hire the service - Rates per person and per month (30 days) - The price includes water, electricity, internet, as well as the use and enjoyment of all facilities - VAT included - Booking fee: 250€ (non-refundable) - Up to 30 days before the start of the contract, payment must be made: Security deposit (1000€ refunded at the end of your stay once we have checked there is no damage or outstanding payments. Rent of the first month, and extra days, if your check-in is before the 1st day of the month.


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Shared room

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1 Feb 2025

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17 m2

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  • Accepts both genders

  • Smokers not allowed

  • Pets not allowed

Landlord Terms and Conditions

You may request cancellation of your contract if: (i) Your request for cancellation is made within a maximum of 14 days from the date of signature to the Contract Commencement Date. . If the period between the date of your booking and the Contract Start Date is less than 14 days, cancellation for this reason is only valid for the remaining days between the date of signature and the Contract Start Date ("the right of withdrawal"). To exercise the right of withdrawal, you can fill in Annex II of the contract, or any other form, as an unequivocal statement of your wish to withdraw from the Contract, accompanied by a copy of your national identity card or passport and send it by email. (ii) You were not admitted to the university/educational institution in the province for which you made the reservation. In this case you will need to provide proof of enrolment in a different province. (iii) your visa application, for the period corresponding to your booking, has been refused by the Spanish/Portuguese authorities. The visa refusal document will be requested as proof. In all the above cases, the amounts already paid will be refunded. In case you are not in any of the above situations, you can also request the cancellation of your contract if: You find a replacement person, on the same terms and under the same contract modality until at least the End Date of the contract. In this case, the person replacing you may not have signed an accommodation contract during the previous academic year, nor may he/she be in the process of negotiating or signing an accommodation contract for the current academic year. If, with respect to the Agreed Period (counted by months), you pay 50% of the remaining amount of the Contract, as compensation for the damage caused. In any case, the penalty will not be less than one (1) month nor more than three (3) months of the contracted Accommodation Amount. After the start date of the contract and before the end of the agreed period: You may request the cancellation of your contract if: (i) you find a replacement person until at least the End Date of your contract. The replacement person must meet the same requirements as above, in addition to having student status for the duration of their stay (applicable in some establishments), and be of the same gender as you in the case of a bed in a shared room. In order to request the cancellation of the contract, you will have to inform us in writing, by sending an e-mail to the address of your residence hall indicated in the contract, and follow the procedure indicated for that case. (ii) You may request the unilateral cancellation of your contract, before the expiry of the agreed period, if with respect to the time remaining to complete the Agreed Period, you pay 50% of the remaining amount of the contract, as compensation for the damage caused. In any case, this penalty will not be less than one (1) month nor more than three (3) months of the Accommodation Amount that was contracted. This amount will be calculated taking into account the exact days remaining from the Resident's request for early cancellation of the contract until the expiry date of the Agreed Period. To request the cancellation of the contract, you will have to inform us in writing by sending an e-mail to the address of your residence indicated in the contract. Cancellation of your "Pair a Dice" reservation For bookings made with the "Pair a Dice" promotion, when one of the two persons wishes to cancel his/her reservation for the TWIN room before the start date of the contract, the person who does wish to keep his/her reservation may: change to a normal TWIN room, sharing a room with a resident assigned by the residence hall, or Modify his/her reservation and request a single Studio. In both cases, you will have to pay the difference between the new rate and the "Pair a Dice" rate. Cancellation of your booking by the owner:* * Cancellation of your booking by the owner:* Cancellation of your booking by the owner:* Cancellation of your booking by the owner Our terms and conditions require the Resident to sign the contract by accepting these T&Cs, and to finalise the booking by paying the Tuition Fee within forty-eight (48) hours from the date of signing the contract to be effective. Therefore, if you do not make the payment within this period, the booking process may be considered as not completed and, therefore, the reservation of the requested room or bed cannot be guaranteed.

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Administrative fee: €250

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