We help real estate agencies digitalize their mid-long-term rent contracts

We find a tenant directly online without organizing visits of the property.
We cover any damages of the property that value higher than the deposit amount.

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Do you have a rental property?

There is no fixed charge for our service.
We will split the brokerage fee in case of a successful rental.

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    Contact our team to list your property.

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    We will screen potential tenants for you from hundreds of international applications.

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    Choose the tenant you think is most suitable directly online, without unnecessary visits.

  • 4.

    The tenant will send a reservation request with the first month's rent already paid in advance.

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    Accept the reservation and receive direct contact information from the tenant to arrange next steps.

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    We can take care of contract drafting, signatures and tax compliance digitally.

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    We guarantee rent: if the tenant does not pay, we pay the insolvent rent.

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    In case of damages, we cover everything beyond the security deposit.

Are you looking for a rental property?

There is no fixed charge for our service.
We will split the commission in case of successful rental.

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    We analyze your tenant's needs.

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    We do a search within our property portfolio.

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    We send you a selection of properties that meet your requirements.

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    You will be able to propose properties directly to your client.

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    The customer can make the reservation directly on the platform, or you can make it for them.

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    When the reservation is confirmed, you will receive the landlord's contact information to arrange the next steps.

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You will never receive immediate reservations, but you will always have the opportunity to accept/reject a request. You will have all the tenant's personal details available so that you can make the best assessment. Furthermore, you will be able to choose whether to request additional financial and personal documentation before accepting the application so that you can have official documents to support your choices. Each potential tenant is already filtered by our customer care team, who will hum all the information and specifics to clarify every detail about your listing.

You can upload the ad yourself to the platform by clicking create your ad or you can contact our service directly. We will help you upload your ad. Have many properties to post? Contact us to inquire about a technological solution to be able to automatically import all listings and update information, prices and availability in real time.

Spacest.com advises the parties, when checking in, to exchange a detailed video certifying the status of the property. At the end of the tenancy, if any damages are present that go beyond the security deposit, once the photographic documentation is analyzed, Spacest.com will refund.

If the tenant defaults, the landlord should report the default to Spacest.com. We will contact the tenant, analyze the case, and pay the missing rent to the landlord.

There is no fixed cost, we work on a performance basis with Real Estate Agencies. In case of a concluded lease, the brokerage fee will be allocated 50% to the cooperating real estate agent. The amount will be fully collected by Spacest.com and the real estate agent's share will be paid 48h after check in.

Contracting can be delegated to the cooperating real estate agent or can be handled digitally directly by our team. The lease contract template to be used is defined between the parties.

Upon completion of the lease, within the confirmation email will be the mutual contact information of the parties involved so that direct contact is possible for better and faster communication.

The reservation will be concluded only when you receive the appropriate confirmation email. Within which you will find all the details of the reservation and the tenant's references. Remember that the tenant has already paid the first month's rent at the time of booking. The amount will be paid directly to the landlord 48h after check in.

Your cancellation terms are defined when the ad is uploaded, or our standard terms can be used. The goal of Spacest.com is to protect the landlord from last-minute cancellations.

The security deposit will be collected directly by the real estate agent. Once the online booking is completed and the mutual contacts of the parties have been exchanged, the agent can proceed independently with the next steps.