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Our services

Automatic system integration

We study the best technological solutions to import your listings, automatically align prices and availability.


We integrate medium- and long-term logics, handling rental requests and possible overbooking.

Check in/check out and contract logics

We manage every little detail by setting entry and exit logics, combining them with the rules of the lease.

Flexible pricing

Set prices that vary according to events, high seasons, and special occasions. The system will analyze the pricing logic and report the best monthly amount.

Digital bureaucracy

Automatically request the financial and personal valuation documentation you need. Digitalize contract drafting, signatures, and tax records.

Increases performance by decreasing costs

Create a diverse portfolio with short- and medium-term properties. Bring average occupancy to 100%, increasing revenues and improves margins on each individual lease.

What is a medium-term lease?


  • The medium-term leases (1 to 18 months) rank between the long leases (with a duration of more than 18 months) and the short-term leases (with a duration of less than 30 days).

  • Who are the tenants

  • More and more people need flexibility and mobility, leading to a radical change in housing patterns. Typical tenants in a medium-term tenancy are managers, professionals, college students, and digital nomads.

  • Which are the most suitable properties

  • Properties for medium-term rentals are ready to use: furnished and complete with all kinds of services (Wi-Fi, dishes and linens, etc.). Utilities remain in the landlord's name, and the rent defined with the tenant is inclusive of all expenses.

Why are they the best alternative to tourist and long-term rentals?

    Annual employment and operation

  • The medium-term leases guarantee 100 % annual occupancy unlike tourist leases and thus guaranteed and stable profitability. Operation is limited to the initial check-in, and there is no need to arrange cleaning and maintenance work.

  • rentabilité et marges

  • Medium-term leases yield 30 percent more than traditional leases. Compared to tourist leases, they do not require operational costs for check-ins and check-outs, cleaning costs, maintenance costs, and extra damages, thus offering a better revenue/earnings ratio.

  • Security

  • Medium-term leases have a very low rate of wear and tear on the property compared to tourist leases since the house is lived in as one's own and not as a hotel.

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