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Requires 30 exclusive days.

Commission equal to 5% of the booked rent to be paid only in the event a rental is concluded.


Requires 0 exclusive days.

Commission equal to 9% of the booked rent to be paid only in the event a rental is concluded.

More flexibility offers private landlords innovative services that meet the need to rent a property easily and safely: our mission is to simplify and optimize the process of renting and finding the perfect tenant. helps the private landlord to rent a house through effective and safe solutions, which can take advantage of additional services such as guaranteed rent, professional photographs, drafting and contract registration and search and selection of the tenant. Consult our FAQ where you can find all the details on how to rent a property in a simple and safe way!

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Insolvency in leases occurs when a tenant is unable to pay rent or meet other contractual obligations, such as paying condominium or utility charges against him or her. This can cause problems for the property landlord, who may have to go through a lengthy and expensive legal procedure to recover his or her rights.

The property landlord receives compensation for rent (including any utilities, condo fees, and added services including the all-inclusive fee) that has not been paid by the tenant due to the tenant's default.

1) The property landlord reports the misconduct;
2) The team contacts the insolvent tenant to find an amicable solution;
3) If no settlement is reached, provides compensation for the missing rent;
4) The landlord initiates eviction proceedings through our legal team. All costs are borne by
5) compensates the landlord until the tenant vacates the property.

An eviction procedure is the process by which a property landlord can legally remove a tenant from their property due to contractual violations, such as missing payments of rent or violation of the terms of the lease. The eviction procedure varies depending on local laws and the nature of the violation, but usually begins with an eviction notice that gives the tenant a certain amount of time to correct the violation or vacate the property. If the tenant does not respond to the notice and does not correct the violation, the landlord can then file an eviction appeal in court. A judge will then decide whether the landlord has the legal right to evict the tenant. If the judge decides in favor of the landlord, the tenant must vacate the property within a period of time specified by the court.

The costs of the eviction procedure are borne by the team.

A supplementary 3 months' worth of property damage coverage is a form of added security in addition to the security deposit collected by the property landlord in case of damage caused by the tenant during the rental period. This type of indemnification can be used as an alternative security deposit, which assures the landlord that there will be funds available to repair any damage caused by the tenant.

The landlord must, during the property check, produce a handover report where they clearly outline the state of the property. At the end of the tenancy, at check out, the landlord will check for any dissimilarity between the status identified in the handover report. If there is identified damage valued above the amount of the security deposit, the landlord will report the damage to via audiovisual material and our team, after verification, will proceed with compensation. will provide legal assistance to the landlord to recover damages caused by a tenant during the occupancy. This legal assistance serves to help the landlord recover the monetary amount of damages caused by the tenant during the occupancy. This legal assistance may include services such as:

1) Damage assessment: an experienced lawyer will assess the damage caused to the property and determine the amount of compensation to be paid.
2) Processing of documentation: preparation of all necessary documentation to take legal action against the tenant.
3) Representation in court: representation of the landlord in court aimed at defending his or her interests in the event of a lawsuit against the tenant.
4) Negotiation: The lawyer will negotiate an agreement between the landlord and tenant to avoid a lawsuit and find a mutually satisfactory solution.

This type of service is NOT included in the guaranteed rent offer. will provide referrals to attorneys who specialize in these practices.

To assess the financial situation of a prospective tenant for a lease agreement, uses a number of tools and methods. Among them:

1) Income verification: requesting a tax return or proof of income, such as a pay slip or letter from the employer, to ensure that the tenant has sufficient income to pay the rent.
2) Credit checks: a credit check of the tenant is conducted to verify his or her credit history and determine if there are any credit problems, such as unpaid debts or other objections.
3) Referral: requesting references such as friends, family members, or previous landlords to get a more accurate view of the tenant.

Preparing a lease agreement means preparing and drafting a written agreement between a property landlord and a tenant interested in leasing the property. A lease agreement is a binding legal agreement that sets out the rights and obligations of both parties and the terms of the lease. The team, during drafting, will work on defining the lease conditions and legal clauses. Identify the parties involved: The lease agreement must clearly identify the landlord and tenant and their personal information, such as name, address, and identification documents.

In Italy, lease registration is a legal requirement to submit a copy of the lease to the “Registratore dei Registri Immobiliari” (register of property records) of the place where the property is located, within 30 days from the date the lease is signed. Registration of the lease has several purposes, including:

1) Certification of the existence of the contract: Registration of the lease contract that certifies the existence of the contract and makes the contract fully effective and valid for legal purposes.
2) Protection of the rights of parties: Registration of the lease contract offers greater protection to the rights of the parties, as it ensures that the contract has been properly administered and meets all legal requirements.
3) Taxation: Registration of the lease agreement is necessary for the taxation of lease payments.

Failure to register the lease agreement, may result in administrative penalties, and can have consequences for the validity of the lease agreement.

The team provides the landlord with information and recommendations on what the rental price should be for a particular property, based on real estate market conditions and the characteristics of the property itself.
Our team is responsible for:

1) Analyzing the real estate market: checking real estate market conditions in the area where the property is located, including rental prices of other similar properties and market trends.
2) Evaluate the property's features: identify the property's characteristics, such as location, size, general condition, presence of amenities, and aesthetic features, to determine an appropriate rental price.

The “cedolare secca” is a tax option introduced in Italy in 2011 that allows property owners to opt-in to pay a fixed rate of 21 percent on the rent instead of paying taxes on income from the rental of the property. This option can be applied only for leases of residential properties, and only if the contract is registered. In addition, it is not possible to apply “cedolare secca” for free leases of a property or of a property classified as a "vacation home." It is important to note that by choosing to apply the “cedolare secca”, the landlord will not be able to take advantage of tax deductions provided for expenses related to the leased property, such as renovation and maintenance expenses.

The property landlord grants the exclusive right to promote and find a tenant for the property. The landlord agrees to not personally search for a tenant for the property and not to entrust the promotion of the property to a third party during the term of the exclusivity agreement. has the right to exclusivity from the date the property is posted on the platform to 30 days after the date of first availability.

In case of entering into the contract independently, i.e. in the event that the landlord leases the property covered by the said contract using its own channels, the landlord is obligated to immediately notify of the incident and pay a penalty equal to one month's rent + vat.

The team verifies each property before posting it, making sure there is complete consistency between reality and the published listing. Our team will request from the landlord:

- Copy of a valid ID;
- Copy of the cadastral certificates of the property;
- Possible copy of the last utility bill (electricity, gas, water);
Energy Performance Certificate (APE);
An exterior/interior video of the property.

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A professional photo shoot is not necessary, the landlord will be able to upload his own photos during the creation of the advert.
Below are some tips for obtaining quality photographs and making the most of your property:
> Prepare the accommodation before shooting: clean your apartment as best as possible, arrange the furniture, linen and every detail. Guests always expect a clean and tidy facility.
> Make maximum use of natural external light (open shutters and shutters before shooting).
> Always take horizontal photographs and use wide angles if you have the possibility.
> Use a latest generation smartphone to have photos with excellent definition.
To request the intervention of a professional photographer, contact our team at this form.
We will send a photographer who will take care of enhancing your property through professional photos.
Professional photos and correct home staging increase the profitability of your property by 10%.
The landlord can decide to independently take care of the various obligations or request support from the team. technology allows you to digitize the entire bureaucratic part from drafting the contract, to the signatures of the parties and the various registration and tax obligations.
The landlord can independently choose his own rental fee or decide to rely on the team.
We have a huge amount of data available to be able to calculate the best price for your apartment, managing to maximize the value of your rent. technology allows you to enter flexible prices that can take into account high seasons, events and special occasions so that the price can be higher or lower based on the period.
Damage to the property is always covered by a security deposit.
The deposit is always collected before check-in and released approximately 15 days after check-out, unless otherwise agreed between the parties.
The amount of the security deposit may vary based on the needs of the parties and the rental period.
For greater protection, discover the additional services. offers insurance to cover delinquent rental payments and an additional guarantee for damages that go beyond the security deposit.
We have partnerships with major insurance companies, contact our team if you need additional insurance and guarantees.
Our sales team will filter and select the best tenant based on the search parameters indicated by the landlord.
Our technology allows us to also request additional documentation, such as identity documents or financial information, during the booking phase, so that the landlord can receive all the details necessary to best evaluate the most suitable proposal.
Only at the end of the booking will the system send the respective contacts to the parties in order to organize the next steps.

What is a medium-term lease?

  • Duration

    The medium-term leases (1 to 18 months) rank between the long leases (with a duration of more than 18 months) and the short-term leases (with a duration of less than 30 days).

  • Who are the tenants

    More and more people need flexibility and mobility, leading to a radical change in housing patterns. Typical tenants in a medium-term tenancy are managers, professionals, college students, and digital nomads.

  • Which are the most suitable properties

    Properties for medium-term rentals are ready to use: furnished and complete with all kinds of services (Wi-Fi, dishes and linens, etc.). Utilities remain in the landlord's name, and the rent defined with the tenant is inclusive of all expenses.