1. Milan
  2. Viale Teodorico

Meravigliosa camera singola spaziosa e luminosa in Viale Teodorico

Viale Teodorico, Milan, Italy

Free from01/11/2024
Private room
2 Bedrooms
1 Bathroom


Contract end is only allowed on the 15th or 30th of the month La camera accoglie un letto francese con cassettone ed è grande e ben fornita per studenti universitari o giovani lavoratori. Vi sono una scrivania, un comodino con lampada, un grande armadio con cassettiera ed un grande balcone che genera luce naturale nella stanza. The room has one french bed. It’s large and well equipped for university students or young workers. There are one desk, one bedside table with lamp, one huge wardrobe with drawers and one big balcony. Questo appartamento si trova in uno dei quartieri più internazionali di Milano ed in continua crescita. L’appartamento, recentemente ristrutturato e completamente arredato a nuovo, è adatto a soddisfare ogni tipo di necessità di uno studente o giovane lavoratore. È dotato di finestre ed ampi balconi che rendono luminosissime le stanze e gli ambienti comuni. L'appartamento è composto da ampio ingresso, zona giorno con angolo cottura, due camere da letto e bagno. This apartment is located in one of the most international districts of Milan and in continuous growth. The apartment, recently renovated and completely newly fully furnished, is suitable to satisfy every type of need of a student or young worker. It has windows and large balconies that make the rooms and common areas very bright. The apartment consists of a large entrance hall, a living area with kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom. [ITA] - Utenze: incluse fino ad un massimo di 50€ a persona. - Tempi di restituzione del deposito cauzionale: verrà restituito entro 60 giorni dal check-out per calcolo conguaglio bollette. - Possibilità di rinnovo: sino a quando la camera risulta disponibile. Si richiede il pagamento delle spese amministrative per ogni nuovo contratto.' [ENG] - Utilities: included up to a maximum of 50€/person. - Security deposit return time: will be returned within 60 days of check-out due to bill balance calculation.- Renewal option: as long as the room is available. Payment of administrative costs for each new contract is required.


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1 Nov 2024

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  • Accepts both genders

  • Smokers not allowed

  • Pets not allowed

Landlord Terms and Conditions

Bookings can be cancelled by the user, taking into account the following cancellation costs: Cancellations made before the starting day of the contract: it leads to a penalty equivalent to one month’s rent. The customer will receive the return of the remaining part. Cancellations made after the starting day of the contract* and/or without the customer showing up for the check in: the total amount paid on the booking won’t be refundable. Early termination of the contract: the early termination of the contract will lead to a penalty equivalent to three months rent. If a substitute tenant is found, the tenant will pay just the cancellation cost for an amount of 200€ (in case of doubts or for more information about the conditions of the substitute search contact us). * Starting date of the contract: it’s the date the contract begins. It may not coincide with the check in date or with the moment the tenant moves into the flat. To reserve the room is required to pay two months in advance. One month is security deposit which will be refunded at the end of the lease. One month is for administrative fee which include: -weekly cleaning service of the common areas for the entire duration of the contract; - contract registration fees (registration tax, stamps and registration fee); -maintenance. Contracts can’t end on 30 of April - 31 of May - 30 of june. Cancelling contract in advance is possible with three months notice period only after three months contract. If you cancel the contract before the natural ending you have to pay 200€ penalty. Listed prices include all expenses including bills up to 50€ per person.

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ITA - 910€ comprensivi di: costi registrazione contratto + check-in in appartamenti + marca da bollo + pulizia settimanale spazi comuni + manutenzione. Da pagare entro il check-in ENG - 910€ including: contract registration costs + check-in + revenue stamp + tax stamp + weekly cleaning of common areas + maintenance. To be paid before check-in

Contract closure costs

ITA In caso di recesso anticipato del contratto:- 100€ per costi di gestione del checkout. - 100€ per pulizia finale e sanificazione. ENG In the case of early termination of the contract:- 100€ for checkout handling costs. - 100€ for final cleaning and sanitation.

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