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  2. Corso Buenos Aires

Corso Buenos Aires 47 3rd floor - Room 1

Corso Buenos Aires, Milan, Italy

Free from16/10/2024
Private room
4 Bedrooms
1 Bathroom


✨SPECIAL OFFER✨ 300€ admin fee if your contract starts within the 15th of February, 2024 THE APARTMENT Conveniently located on the first floor in Corso Buenos Aires 47, the street with the highest concentration of clothing stores in Europe. Plenty of cafes, restaurants, bars, shops and bookstores keep the area always lively. INTERNAL CONDITIONS The apartment consists of: - 4 rooms - a bathroom - an eat-in kitchen with dishwasher and kitchen equipment - a washing machine and dryer - wifi The building has an elevator and concierge available all day. DISTANCE - POLIMI LEONARDO: 10 minutes (M2) or walk 18 minutes - MARANGONI: 9 minutes (M1) or Walk 25 minutes - UNIVERSITÀ’ DEGLI STUDI DI MILANO: 17 minutes (M1) or walk 35 minutes - UCSC (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore): 19 minutes (M1) - IED (Piranesi): 20 minutes (S1) - IED (Via Sciesa) Metro M1 and Tram 9: 21 minutes - IED (Pompeo Leoni) Metro M3 and bus 91: 34 minutes - Metro M1 (Lima) to Duomo, Cadorna, Porta Venezia: 1 minute walk - Metro M3 (Loreto) to Cadorna, S. Ambrogio, Central Statio: 5 minute walk - TAXI STAND AT YOUR DOORSTEP ROOM 1 - Brand new cozy room with all you need This cozy room offers a full-size bed (120x200) a spacious desk and a wardrobe. The room faces on the internal courtyard and is therefore not affected by the noise from the Corso. One shot Admin fee: contract registration, third party insurance, garbage tax, room initial and final cleaning. Monthly utilities (paid in advance every month) include heating, electricity, water, internet and weekly cleaning of shared spaces. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Notice of Cancellation is possible only if the contract has a duration of one year. Within 48 hours from the acceptance of your booking on the platform, the admin fee (non refundable) will be due directly to the landlord to confirm the booking. If the landlord doesn't receive the Admin fee within 48 hours, the booking will not be confirmed and the landlord is free to cancel it. The security deposit must be paid prior to check-in according to the Landlord's instructions and is 100% refundable in the event of cancellation of the booking and/or at the end of the stay upon release of the rented accommodation without damage. The security deposit and first month utilities can be paid directly to the landlord by credit card/ cash. Please note a 3% fee will be applied. Possible to have a guest 3night/month and you have to inform the landlord 24 hours before and provide the guest's document Check-in and Check-out Policy: *please note fees applied for Move in and out during weekends/ holidays and outside office hours (9am-6pm): Monday-Friday outside office hours - we are available 7am-9am and 7pm -11pm - €50 Saturdays - we are available 9am-7pm - €50 Sundays/holidays - we are available 9am-7pm €100 * Please note that the fee applied for move in and out during weekends and outside office hours (9am-7pm) is €50. For contracts starting from March 22nd onward, the admin fee will go back to the standard amount (1 month rent + utilities + 22% VAT). Security deposit will also go back to 3 months.


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Free from

16 Oct 2024

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18 m2

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  • Accepts both genders

  • Smokers not allowed

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[ITA] - PRENOTAZIONE - PRE CHECK IN 1) cancellazione effettuata 60 o più giorni prima della data del Check-in: Per il Conduttore: rimborso del 100% della prima mensilità . 2) cancellazione effettuata tra il 59° e il 30° giorno prima della data del Check-in: Per il Conduttore: rimborso del 50% della prima mensilità. 3) cancellazione effettuata tra il 29° giorno o meno prima della data del Check-in: Per il Conduttore: Non vi è alcun rimborso. L'ADMIN FEE non è mai rimborsabile -RESIDENZA In caso di contratto 4+4 è possibile prendera la residenza in questo appartamento. [ENG] - BOOKING - PRE CHECK IN 1) cancellation made 60 or more days before the Check-in date: For the Tenant: 100% reimbursement of the First Payment. 2) cancellation made between the 59th and 30th day before the Check-in date: For the Tenant: 50% reimbursement of the First Payment. 3) cancellation made between the 29th day or less before the Check-in date: For the Tenant: There is no refund. The admin fee is never refundable -RESIDENCE In case of a 4 + 4 contract it is possible to take up residence in this apartment.ITA Per poter affittare l'annuncio avrai bisogno di: - Permesso di soggiorno - Documento di identità valido - Codice Fiscale ENG In order to rent the listing you will need: - Residence permit - Valid identity document - Tax code

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€ 1.207,80 admin fee

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