1. Milan
  2. Via Intra

Stanza 1

Via Intra, Milan, Italy

Free from01/09/2025
Private room
140 m2
5 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms


Rooms for rent in a furnished apartment with 5 bedrooms on Via Intra. ITA I costi di apertura contratto indicati nell'apposita sezione includono: - Predisposizione e supporto contrattuale - Organizzazione del check-in e consegna chiavi in loco - Tour (test elettrodomestici) nell'unità locata - Assistenza durante il contratto per problematiche legate all'immobile - Coordinamento della manutenzione ordinaria e straordinaria - Gestione del rapporto locativo - Organizzazione del rilascio dell'immobile con pulizia finale - Conguaglio delle utenze - Monitoraggio del deposito cauzionale ENG The contract opening costs indicated in the relevant section include: - Preparation and contractual support - Organisation of check-in and key delivery on site - Tour (appliance testing) of the rented unit - Assistance during the contract for problems related to the property - Coordination of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance - Management of the rental relationship - Organisation of the release of the property with final cleaning - Settlement of utilities - Monitoring of security deposit


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Free from

1 Sept 2025

Room Size

15 m2

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140 m2

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  • Accepts both genders

  • Smokers not allowed

  • Pets not allowed

Landlord Terms and Conditions

Cancellations made before the starting day of the contract: it leads to a penalty equivalent to one month’s rent. The customer will receive the return of the remaining part. Cancellations made after the starting day of the contract* and/or without the customer showing up for the check in: the total amount paid on the booking won’t be refundable. Early termination of the contract: the early termination of the contract will lead to a penalty equivalent to two months rent. If a substitute tenant is found, the tenant will pay just the cancellation cost for an amount of 200€ (in case of doubts or for more information about the conditions of the substitute search contact us). * Starting date of the contract: it’s the date the contract begins. It may not coincide with the check in date or with the moment the tenant moves into the flat.ITA Per poter affittare l'annuncio avrai bisogno di: - Permesso di soggiorno - Documento di identità valido - Codice Fiscale ENG In order to rent the listing you will need: - Residence permit - Valid identity document - Tax code

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ITA 588€ per servizi contrattuali, check-in, assistenza, manutenzione, pulizia finale, e gestione del deposito cauzionale - ENG 588€ for contractual services, check-in, servicing, maintenance, final cleaning, and management of security deposit

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