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    Apartments for Rent in Copenhagen

    If you are thinking of moving to Copenhagen and looking for a house to rent, you are in the right place: here you will find all the information about the city, its neighborhoods, and the procedures and documents needed to find your accommodation in the beautiful Danish capital. Whether you are a student, a young worker, or a family, we have all the information you need to start this adventure.

    Renting a House in Copenhagen

    Copenhagen is a city that combines tradition and innovation. With its rich history, picturesque neighborhoods, and welcoming atmosphere, the Danish capital offers a unique living experience. Copenhagen is a city that welcomes university students and young workers with its opportunities and manageable living costs. From rental houses to numerous entertainment possibilities, here you can live an exciting life without having to give up your monthly budget. The city offers a wide range of housing solutions, ranging from shared apartments to student residences. On average, prices for a room in a shared apartment are around 1,000 euros per month, while a studio could cost you between 1,200 and 1,600 euros. Central areas like Indre By and Vesterbro offer a vibrant social scene, while more peripheral areas like Østerbro are more accessible in terms of costs.

    The Best Neighborhoods to Live in Copenhagen

    The Danish capital is divided into many neighborhoods, each with its own characteristics and atmosphere. The Spacest team has selected the best neighborhoods for young people, students, or workers, where you can rent a room or an apartment in Copenhagen. The areas we recommend are:

    • Indre By is the central district of Copenhagen. For this reason, rental costs in Copenhagen may be slightly higher. This area is home to all the most important monuments and all the most famous attractions in the city. Being a very central area, there is a lot of urban traffic, but also a constant nightlife: shopping stores, pubs, and museums, and certainly, services are not lacking in this area;
    • Vesterbro is a very alternative neighborhood, not too far from the city center. In this area, you will find a decidedly different atmosphere thanks to the numerous pubs and clubs that crowd its streets. It is impossible not to have fun in this neighborhood. It represents the right balance between the chaos of the center and the tranquility of the suburbs;
    • Østerbro: a residential neighborhood, mainly suitable for workers and families. The area is very clean and quiet, perfect for those who want to enjoy the comforts of the city but seek a safe and quiet environment;
    • Nørrebro is a quiet area, but certainly never boring. In this area, you will find a vibrant cultural and artistic scene, with numerous cafes, vintage shops, and art galleries;
    • Amager is a multicultural neighborhood in Copenhagen that hosts an international community. This neighborhood is perfect for students: rental costs are much lower than the city average.

    In recent years, these neighborhoods have undergone significant redevelopment projects. Today, they are a reference point for both young Danes and students and workers from out of town.

    How is it to Live in Copenhagen?

    The Danish capital is renowned for its high quality of life: a quality that is expressed in its attention to sustainability, design, and culture. Copenhagen is a city full of life and opportunities: a modern metropolis where very different realities coexist in perfect harmony. It is difficult not to find something interesting: the city is constantly buzzing, thanks to the numerous cultural events that animate it. To live in Copenhagen it is necessary to fully immerse yourself in this new daily life, trying to take part in as many events and activities as possible: Copenhagen is definitely the perfect city for young people who want to have new experiences. Moreover, living in Copenhagen is relatively economical considering the quality of life offered. Of course, being a large metropolis and offering numerous services, costs are there. However, these are balanced by generally higher salaries compared to other European cities. Going out for dinner costs an average of 50€. About 10% less than other capitals, like London.

    How Much Does It Cost to Live in Copenhagen?

    The average cost of living in Copenhagen, excluding rental costs, is around 900-1000 euros per month. Obviously, this figure will also depend on the lifestyle you adopt, but it is generally in line with other Scandinavian capitals. Rentals in Copenhagen depend primarily on the size of the apartment, the location, and the demand in the neighborhood. In general, rentals in Copenhagen can be considered accessible compared to other major European cities like London or Paris. As mentioned before, the average cost of a studio in the city center is around 1,200-1,600 euros per month, while for a two or three-bedroom apartment, you can expect an average cost of about 2,500-3,000 euros per month. The most central and trendy neighborhoods, like Indre By or Vesterbro, may have slightly higher rents compared to other areas. Regarding food, transportation, and leisure costs, it can be said that Copenhagen presents accessible and especially varied prices, as the main city of Denmark you will surely find a wide range of choices for all needs and budgets.

    How to Find a House for Rent in Copenhagen

    When looking for a rental in Copenhagen, there are several options to consider. Many usually turn to real estate agencies, which offer a wide selection of available apartments. However, keep in mind that agencies may charge commissions, often high. Another option is to search on specialized websites and platforms, like, where you can filter ads by price, neighborhood, and other preferences. Another tip from our Team is to start your search early. The rental market in Copenhagen is competitive, so it is better to start looking a few months before moving. Set a realistic budget and take into account additional expenses like utilities. Be flexible in your choice of neighborhood. There are many interesting areas beyond the usual well-known neighborhoods. You may need to provide documents and references requested by landlords, such as a passport or ID, a Danish bank account, or a phone number. It is important to be ready to demonstrate your financial solvency.

    In conclusion, Copenhagen is an extraordinary city to live and work in, and it is not difficult to understand why so many university students and young workers choose it as their home. With its vibrant culture, a wide range of opportunities, and high quality of life, Copenhagen offers many possibilities to find a rental apartment that suits your needs and budget. By following our advice, you will be ready to dive into the Copenhagen rental market and find your paradise in the Danish capital.