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    Angers, capital of the Maine and Loire department, is the historic capital of Anjou.

    The city is a French municipality of about 151,689 inhabitants.

    An important destination for students, thanks to the presence of several universities, such as the Université d'Angers, one of the most prestigious in all of France, and the Université Catholique de l'Ouest.

    Many events are also organized within the city, including the theater festival, Les Accroche -Coeurs, and the film festival, Premiers Plans.

    Many historical tourist attractions arise within the area, as the city was an important Gallo-Roman center. Among these, the most visited are undoubtedly, Château des Ducs d'Anjou, Cathédrale Saint-Maurice, and Maison d'Adam.

    Angers is a relatively small city, but populated by students. For this reason, many events and festivals are often organized in the city that are mostly attended by young people.

    If you are a young student or worker, the nightlife in Angers will not disappoint you either, given the many bars and at clubs in the city.

    The city is perfectly accessible both by train and by plane, thanks to the airports located nearby, such as Orly airport.

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