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    Florence: living in rent in the cradle of the Renaissance

    Florence, the quintessential Renaissance city and the birthplace of art and culture in Italy, is a highly popular destination for living in rented apartments. From enthusiastic students to tranquil families, from young professionals seeking challenges to creatives in search of inspiration, everyone can find their rental home in Florence. In this city, the real estate market is currently growing, resulting in an increase in property prices. However, you don't have to worry because the Spacest Team is here to provide you with some useful tips for finding the best rental accommodation in Florence.

    Living in Florence

    Living in Florence is a unique and incomparable experience. You can stroll through its cobbled streets, surrounded by centuries of history and culture. You can wake up every morning to the sound of bells resonating from the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore or enjoy gelato in Piazza della Signoria and take a walk through the San Lorenzo Market. Living in rented accommodation in Florence means becoming part of a vibrant, welcoming, and dynamic community. It means immersing yourself in beauty, art, and gastronomy. Whether you're here to study, work, or simply get a change of scenery, living in Florence offers you a unique opportunity for growth and discovery.

    Cost of living in Florence

    Florence, as everyone knows, is a highly touristy city that attracts thousands of visitors from around the world every year. However, Florence is also an ancient and important university city and is home to numerous solid national and international companies. This is why it is a sought-after destination for students and young professionals. Naturally, this has driven up the cost of living over the years, although it can still offer an affordable cost of living. The price for a rental home in Florence varies depending on the area and type of accommodation. A room in a shared apartment can cost between €350 and €500 per month in less central areas, while a studio apartment for rent in the center of Florence can cost €700 and above. As for living expenses, an average meal in a restaurant can cost between €15 and €40, while a monthly public transportation pass is around €35.

    Best neighborhoods to live in Florence

    The historic center is particularly sought after for houses and apartments for rent in Florence and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and prestigious areas to live in Florence. However, it comes with equally high costs, as do the Oltrarno and Fortezza da Basso areas, where it's hard to find one-bedroom apartments for less than €1000-€1200 per month. Other areas where you could start looking for your ideal rental accommodation in Florence are:

    • Santa Croce: This neighborhood is a perfect mix of trendy places, historical monuments, and nightlife. It's very popular among students and young professionals;
    • Campo di Marte: This residential area is perfect for families and those seeking a bit of tranquility without being too far from the center;
    • San Frediano is known for its artisan shops, restaurants, bars, and local hangouts. It's a trendy neighborhood with a bohemian touch;
    • The Isolotto-Legnaia district, located in the western part of Florence (Le Cascine, San Lorenzo a Greve, and Cintoia), offers slightly lower prices but guarantees a more dynamic evening entertainment compared to other areas of the city;
    • The southern areas (such as Gavinana and Galluzzo) and northern areas (such as Careggi-Rifredi-Bologna) have more green areas and residential zones with significantly more affordable prices, where a one-bedroom apartment can range from €700 to €900 per month.

    How to find a rental home in Florence

    The rental real estate market in Florence can often be competitive and intricate due to high demand and a wide range of rental requests. However, we at the Spacest Team can provide you with some useful advice for finding the perfect rental home in Florence:

    • Establish your budget and priorities: Before starting your search, determine how much you can afford and what features are most important to you (proximity to work or university, nearby amenities, etc.);
    • Start your search: There are numerous online platforms specialized in rentals, such as Spacest, that can help you find your ideal home. Remember to regularly check listings and act swiftly when you find something you like;
    • Carefully view the photos: Make sure to evaluate high-quality images before making a decision;
    • Prepare the documentation: Once you've found the perfect rental home in Florence, you'll need to provide some documents, including proof of income (employment contract or bank statement), a valid identification document, and, in some cases, a guarantor;
    • Security deposit: Typically, you'll need to pay a security deposit before moving into the apartment. This serves to protect the owner in case of any damages to the property.

    Remember, living in Florence can be a unique experience that offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a wonderful ancient culture. Whether you're a student, a young professional, or a family, there's a corner of Florence waiting for you.