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Italy is a blend of history, art cities, beaches, and cultural traditions. Living in Italy means enjoying lively squares, exquisite food, and poetic sunsets. If you're considering moving to Italy, rental homes are a great option. From cities to small towns, from the sea to the mountains, there's a wide range of accommodations ready to make you feel at home. Students, workers, or families seeking the "La Dolce Vita" will find what they're looking for. Italy offers housing for every budget. Renting in Italy is a dive into a unique culture. Discover the essence of living in Italy by choosing from the many options available.

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Italy: The complete guide

Living in Italy

Italy, with its rich history, unparalleled cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes, has always been a dream for many. Imagine waking up to the aroma of Italian coffee, strolling among ancient Roman ruins, enjoying a sunset on the Amalfi Coast, or walking through the streets of Florence and the canals of Venice. Living in Italy means immersing yourself in a fascinating culture, experiencing centuries-old traditions, and always feeling at home, even when you're far away from home.

Living for Rent in Italy

Many individuals opt to live for rent in Italy because it offers the flexibility to explore different cities without the commitments of a real estate purchase. Whether you're looking for rooms and apartments for rent in Italy for singles or more spacious accommodations for a family, the rental market has something for everyone, from historic homes in city centers and villages to modern, design-focused apartments.

Top Cities to Reside in Italy

Italian cities are among the most beautiful and visited in the world, each with unique characteristics and features. Discover the best cities to live in Italy and choose your favorite:

  • Rome, the capital and one of the most famous cities globally, needs no introduction: history, cuisine, tradition, art, as well as modernity and social life. If you want to live in Italy from scratch, you'll find everything you need here;
  • Milan, the economic and financial engine of the country: the city of fashion and design, work and the stock exchange, aperitifs and the good life;
  • Florence, capital of the beautiful Tuscany region, the art city par excellence and the cradle of the Renaissance. One of the most beautiful cities in the country, with a very high quality of life according to recent statistics. Not a metropolis, human-sized, but with all services and an excellent balance between social life and tranquility;
  • Venice, the Serenissima city on the water, the dream of anyone who loves Italy and one of the symbols of Italy itself. Living in Venice is certainly not easy (follow our articles and updates on our blog), but the experience is unique;
  • Bologna is the city of tortellini and Bolognese ragù, but also an academic city par excellence (home to the oldest university in the Western world) and one of the most popular places to live due to its excellent quality of life-to-cost ratio. If you're a student, you can't miss living in Italy in Bologna;
  • Turin, Italy's industrial and technological hub, an art city, beautiful and esoteric, near the Alps, offers a very high quality of life at very affordable prices, despite its large size. An excellent solution for students or young professionals looking to live in Italy;
  • These are just a few of the main cities to live in Italy: each city has something unique to offer. And don't forget about coastal cities like Naples, Palermo, Genoa, and Rimini, perfect for sea lovers.

Working and Living for Rent in Italy

If you're a young professional seeking new opportunities, Italy offers a dynamic work environment, especially in major cities like Milan, Rome, Turin, Bologna, and Florence. And with a variety of rental accommodations, you can easily find a cozy place near your new job.

Student Rentals in Italy

Italy is a student's paradise, offering the opportunity to study among some of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the Western world. From art at the renowned Academy of Fine Arts in Florence to architecture in Venice and fashion/design in Milan, students have a wealth of choices. With a wide selection of rooms and apartments for rent in Italy, living close to campus or in the heart of university-centered cities has never been easier.

Cost of Living in Italy

Living in Italy varies in terms of costs, depending on the city and lifestyle. While major cities like Milan, Rome, and Turin tend to be more expensive, hidden gems like Padua, Pisa, Modena, and Perugia offer a great balance between quality of life and affordability. If you're considering living in Italy, the Spacest Team provides insights into major cities and their costs:

  • Milan: Monthly rent (studio apartment in the center): €1,000-€1,500; mid-range restaurant meal: €30-€50; Metro ticket: €2.
  • Rome: Monthly rent: €800-€1,200; meal: €25-€40; weekly groceries: approx. €50.
  • Florence: Monthly rent: €700-€1,100; meal: €20-€35; tram ticket: €1.50.
  • Venice: Monthly rent: €700-€1,200; meal: €25-€50; gondola ride: from €80.
  • Bologna: Monthly rent: €600-€900; meal: €20-€30; bus ticket: €1.50.
  • Naples: Monthly rent: €500-€800; meal: €10-€25; Metro ticket: €1.10.
  • Turin: Monthly rent: €550-€850; meal: €20-€30; tram/bus ticket: €1.70.
  • Palermo: Monthly rent: €400-€650; meal: €10-€20; bus ticket: €1.40.

Beautiful Places to Live in Italy

Italy offers a plethora of unique places and landscapes to live and explore, from the stunning Tuscany region to the beaches of Sardinia, the mountains of Trentino to the Gulf of Naples. It's a country filled with enchanting locations to settle down, striking a perfect balance between social life and work: discover them in our special guide The best cities to live in Italy

Finding a Rental Home in Italy

By visiting Spacest, you can find numerous listings for rental homes in Italy. The key is to start your search early, keep an eye on offers, have your necessary documents ready, and find the best accommodation based on your budget and needs.

Rental Costs in Italy

Rental costs vary widely depending on the region and city. While a studio apartment in Milan might be costly, you will certainly find more affordable rentals in less touristy or smaller cities. Remember to consider additional expenses like bills and condominium fees. On Spacest, you can find rental accommodations in Italy with utilities included! One advantage of living in Italy is that smaller, less expensive cities in terms of rent are quite close to the larger, popular cities.

If you dream of living in Italy, you now have all the information to start your journey. Life awaits you among ancient cobblestone streets and verdant hills.