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Spain is a country of culture, history, and traditions. From the streets of Madrid to the beaches of Barcelona, living here is a blend of tradition and modernity. Many choose to live in Spain for the Mediterranean vibe, the culture, the food, and a relaxed pace of life. Whether you're a student, a worker, or a family, Spain has something for everyone. The rental homes in Spain cater to various needs. Finding rooms and apartments for rent is your ticket to an authentic experience. Live the Spanish dream and discover the essence of living in Spain.

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Spain: The complete guide

Living in Spain

Spain is undoubtedly one of the most coveted destinations for students, young professionals, and families, offering excellent climate, beaches, art, cuisine, and high-quality educational paths. The atmosphere of Spanish cities aligns well with the needs of the youth and families seeking new experiences. Living in Spain isn't just about residence; it's a life experience. From breathtaking landscapes to fascinating cultures, delicious cuisine, and enviable climate, Spain truly has something for everyone.

Renting in Spain

Rental homes in Spain offer flexibility and the chance to immerse in local culture. Rooms and apartments for rent in Spain range from modern urban solutions to picturesque homes in charming villages. The Spanish rental market is generally healthy: demand is increasing, while prices remain relatively stable, with no significant fluctuations. The cost of living in Spain is relatively lower than the Western European average. However, apartment rents in major cities like Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia are high. That's why the practice of renting a private room within shared apartments is becoming more common.

Housing for Workers and Families in Spain

Many young professionals opt for larger cities and centers for rental housing in Spain to experience both work life and the Spanish lifestyle. Cities like Madrid and Barcelona offer numerous professional opportunities in dynamic, cosmopolitan environments. Families, especially those with children or elderly members, often prefer smaller, more affordable cities with tranquility and green spaces.

Studying and Renting in Spain

For students, living in Spain offers a unique educational experience. With renowned universities and vibrant nightlife, finding rooms and apartments for rent as a base is a must. Common student rental options in Spain include:

  • University residences: This accommodation type is ideal for Erasmus students. These facilities offer fully furnished single or shared rooms, usually equipped with shared kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry. They are typically located near major university campuses;
  • Student Housing: Similar to university residences but not necessarily affiliated with Spanish universities;
  • Private apartments or rooms: Managed by real estate companies or property owners, offering the choice of renting an entire apartment or a single/shared room within a shared apartment.

Best Cities to Live in Spain

Spanish cities, like many European cities, are a blend of culture, tradition, art, cuisine, and modernity. Discover the best cities to live in Spain and choose your favorite:

  • Madrid, the capital, is a favored choice for students and young professionals. It hosts numerous universities, some of the most prestigious in Spain, and excellent job opportunities. Living in Spain in Madrid is undoubtedly more affordable than other European capitals. Being the largest city, it's characterized by high social mobility;
  • Barcelona is Spain's second-largest city. It's similar to Madrid in terms of lifestyle and costs. The city hosts several top-notch universities, making it a sought-after destination for students. Over the years, it has become one of the country's major economic centers, resulting in increased living costs, attracting workers and families as well;
  • Valencia: Living in Spain isn't overly expensive, and Valencia is a prime example. It's a highly desired city where many students begin or complete their studies and where workers are drawn by affordable living costs and opportunities;
  • Granada, like Valencia, is one of Spain's most budget-friendly cities. It's ideal for students and young professionals with limited budgets. Renowned for its history, Moorish architecture, and vibrant student life, Granada is highly valued by students and workers alike.
  • Bilbao is a city rich in history and culture in the Basque Country, increasingly popular among university students and young professionals. Living in Spain in Bilbao means immersing in a dynamic, multicultural environment where tradition and modernity coexist. The city is famous for its innovative architecture, epitomized by the iconic Guggenheim Museum, representing Bilbao's modern and progressive spirit.
  • Seville: This charming Andalusian city offers a perfect blend of culture, sun, and fun. Whether you're an adventurous student, a young professional seeking opportunities, or a family craving change, Seville has something for everyone.

Cost of Living in Spain

The cost of living in Spain varies by city, autonomous community, and region. However, in general, living in Spain can be more affordable compared to other European destinations. The average cost for rental homes in Spain ranges from €500 to €1,200 per month, with Barcelona and Madrid topping the list for rental costs. If you opt for a medium-sized city like Valencia or Seville, expect rents around €700 per month. But it's not just rent: for food, transportation, leisure, or a dinner out, you might spend an average of €10 to €20 per meal. A monthly transportation pass costs around €40, while a cup of coffee could be between €1 and €1.5.

Most Beautiful Places to Live in Spain

Spain is rich in unique places to live and explore: from historic cities like Madrid and Barcelona, through Galicia and the Basque Country, to the Costa del Sol and the Moorish Andalusia, even the sunny Balearic and Canary Islands. Living in Spain will connect you with enchanting places to settle, striking the perfect balance between social life and work life: discover them in our special guide The best cities to live in Spain.

How to Find a Rental Home in Spain

Visit Spacest, where you'll find many listings for rooms and apartments for rent in Spain. Starting your search early, monitoring offers, having the correct documents ready, and finding the best accommodation within your budget and needs are priorities. For more information, contact our customer and owner support.

Rental Costs in Spain

As previously mentioned, rental costs vary significantly based on the city and autonomous community. Barcelona and Madrid, for instance, may have notably higher costs than other areas. However, don't worry – browsing our Spacest website, you'll find a wide range of rental housing options in Spain to help you discover and choose your ideal home. Options are plentiful: from typical country "casas" in Andalusia's countryside to modern city apartments. And if you're looking for something smaller or short-term, in many cities, you'll easily find rooms and apartments for rent that suit every need and budget.