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If you've ever considered living in Germany, you've likely wondered about daily life in this European nation. From beer, electronic music, to cities like Berlin, Germany blends tradition with modernity. Due to its location and job market, it attracts people globally. Renting in Germany allows you to experience diverse cultures. Living in Germany provides a high standard of living, efficient transportation, and unique landscapes. If you're thinking of long-term renting, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in German culture. In short, Germany offers a range of rental accommodations and a high quality of life. Enjoy!

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Germany: The complete guide

Living in Germany

The allure of Germany isn't limited to luxury cars or beer. Living in Germany means diving into a rich culture, historic cities, and breathtaking landscapes. Additionally, the country offers a top-tier education system for students and a thriving job market for young professionals. Unlike Spain, Italy, or Portugal, it unfortunately doesn't boast a sunny and warm climate. However, major German cities like Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich provide high living standards that attract thousands of expats annually seeking professional or academic opportunities.

Renting in Germany

Germany is vast, and housing options are plentiful. Whether you're looking for a single room for your university years or a spacious apartment for your family, rooms and apartments for rent in Germany are versatile and cater to every need. Here are some tips to get started:

  • "Big Four": the major German metropolises - Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, and Frankfurt. These cities are vibrant with strong economies, ideal for those seeking a dynamic urban life. However, rental costs might be considerably higher;
  • Major cities: Dresden, Stuttgart, Cologne, Bremen, and Düsseldorf, for instance, might not be as large as the Big Four, but they are dynamic, advanced, and fully equipped;
  • Smaller cities: Heidelberg, Freiburg, Bonn, or Nuremberg are perfect if you prefer a quieter, more human-sized environment. Here, you might find cheaper rents and a more relaxed pace of life.

Working and Renting in Germany

Metropolises and major German cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, or Cologne draw many young workers annually seeking new opportunities in dynamic and cosmopolitan settings. Renting in Germany as a worker will immerse you fully in the German lifestyle: business, economy, nightlife, but also sustainability, respect, and ecology. Renting in major German cities might be costly, but the returns could be worth the expense. Families, especially those with children or elderly members, often opt for smaller, more affordable cities with ample green spaces.

Rental Accommodations for Students in Germany

Living in Germany offers not only top-notch education but also a high standard of living, a rich culture, and numerous job opportunities. If you're searching for rental accommodations for students in Germany, the good news is that options abound: from rooms and apartments in metropolises to cozy homes in smaller cities. But which are the best cities for students renting in Germany? The Spacest team has selected the best for you:

  • Berlin, the capital, is a hub of culture, history, and innovation. If you're a young individual seeking adventure and networking, this city is ideal. Rents are relatively affordable compared to other European capitals, with a wide range of rooms and apartments suiting all needs;
  • Munich is renowned for its extraordinary quality of life and world-class universities. However, rents might be on the pricier side;
  • Hamburg is great if you're drawn to the charm of a port city and the prospect of living near the sea. Not only is it a captivating city with a thriving economy, but it also offers a range of options for those interested in student rentals in Germany;
  • Freiburg might be the right choice if you wish to live in a smaller city with a welcoming atmosphere. Particularly popular among students, it offers a variety of rooms and apartments for rent at reasonable prices.

Best Cities to Live in Germany

If you're contemplating living in Germany, know that this country is a perfect blend of historical culture and modernity, offering incredible opportunities for students, families, and young professionals. In this section, we'll discuss the best cities to look for houses for rent in Germany, not forgetting that you can also find numerous rooms and apartments for rent in Germany catering to all needs:

  • Berlin, the city that never sleeps: the German capital is one of Europe's most dynamic cities. If you're a young worker or student seeking thrills, there's no better place. With a constantly growing real estate market, renting in Berlin, Germany is an excellent choice. From the Kreuzberg district to the skyscrapers of Potsdamer Platz, there's something for everyone;
  • Munich, high quality of life: the capital of Bavaria is known for its high quality of life. If you're looking for a city slightly smaller than the capital but still full of opportunities, consider Munich. The city is perfect for families and young professionals and offers a wide range of rooms and apartments for rent in Germany, from studios to spacious family apartments;
  • Hamburg, Germany's port: Hamburg is another major urban center to live in Germany. The city is famous for its port and offers numerous job opportunities. With trendy neighborhoods like Altona and St. Pauli, you'll surely find houses for rent in Germany that suit you;
  • Frankfurt, the financial heart: if you're a professional or student in the finance or tech sector, Frankfurt might be the ideal city. It's one of the most international cities and offers a wide range of rooms and apartments for rent in Germany, along with a top university and exciting opportunities in the world of finance;
  • Stuttgart; innovation and nature: Stuttgart is the place to be if you love nature without wanting to give up city comforts. Known for its automotive industries, Stuttgart is a perfect blend of innovation and tradition.

These are just a few of the best cities to live in Germany. Each city has its characteristics and peculiarities, and the choice will depend on your needs, tastes, and budget.

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Germany?

If you're thinking of moving and living in Germany, one of the first aspects to consider is undoubtedly the cost of living. From Berlin to Munich, Germany offers a wide variety of lifestyles and, consequently, a range of prices. Germany is known for its strong economy, high quality of life, and job opportunities. However, as in any other country, costs can vary significantly from one city to another. For instance, renting in Munich or Frankfurt is notoriously more expensive compared to cities like Leipzig or Dortmund. The prices of houses for rent in Germany can also vary: on average, expect to pay between €600 and €1,200 per month for a studio in a major city. If you want to share an apartment or live in student housing, you can significantly reduce costs. In general, a room for rent in Germany in a shared apartment can cost between €300 and €700 per month, depending on the city and area. For expenses like utilities, transport, and food, in general, expect to spend about €200-€300 more per month.

The Most Beautiful Places to Live in Germany

Germany is a vast country, with a variety of climates and landscapes. Besides the aforementioned cities like Berlin and Munich, there are many places to live and, why not, visit:

  • Heidelberg, small city, big charm: if you're looking for a quieter life, Heidelberg is an excellent choice. Famous for its university and natural beauty, it offers numerous houses for rent in Germany, perfect for students and families wanting a more intimate environment;
  • Bavaria: known for its mountains, fairy-tale castles, beer, and OktoberFest, the beautiful Munich, home to major universities and job opportunities, Bavaria is a wonderful and ideal place to live in Germany;
  • Freiburg in Breisgau, the green corner of Baden-Württemberg: speaking of living in Germany, how can one not mention Freiburg? This city in Baden-Württemberg is famous for being one of the country's most sustainable. Imagine renting in Germany in a city where green mobility and organic markets are the norm rather than the exception;
  • Stuttgart, innovation and tradition: Stuttgart is a dream city if you'll work or study as an engineer, being home to Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. But it's not all work and no play. Rental apartments are often located near beautiful parks, theaters, and nightlife, offering a perfect balance between professional life and leisure;
  • Leipzig, the city of artists: if you're an artist or creative seeking inspiration, renting in Germany in Leipzig might be the right choice for you. With its growing art scene and the presence of many co-working spaces, Leipzig is the perfect city for anyone wanting to live in Germany with a focus on creativity.

If you are interested in discovering everything that Germany can offer, take a look at our complete guide The best cities to live in Germany.

How to Find a House for Rent in Germany?

When it comes to rooms and apartments for rent in Germany, the options are almost endless. However, there are some online rental platforms, like Spacest, that make the search much simpler. Before signing the contract, be sure to pay attention to:

  • Location: location is key. Check proximity to transportation, shops, and if you're a student, your university;
  • Costs: besides rent, consider additional expenses like utilities, internet connection, and security deposit;
  • Contract: read the clauses carefully and, if possible, have it checked by an expert;
  • Required documents: to rent in Germany, you'll need to present some documents like ID, proof of income, and sometimes a reference from a previous rental.

Rental Costs in Germany

As with every country, rental prices vary depending on the region or federal state. If you choose to live in Germany in a major city like Berlin, Frankfurt, or Munich, bear in mind that costs, including rents, might be high. However, smaller cities and suburbs offer more affordable prices. On average, for a studio in a city center, prices start from €600-€800 per month, but they can significantly rise in more sought-after areas.

Renting in Germany could be your next big adventure. Whether you're looking for a shared room in a bustling metropolis or an apartment all to yourself in a quiet town, Germany welcomes you with open arms. Pack die Koffer und los geht's! (Pack your bags and let's go!)